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We are one of the leading mystery shopping agencies in Germany. Work with us for quick and reliable results.

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Mystery Shopping Services


You are looking for a mystery shopping agency to conduct your fieldwork in Germany, Austria or Switzerland? Well, you found one now. We are offering all types of mystery shopping fieldwork services in Germany, Austria and Switzerland with our own field of more than 26.000 trained mystery shoppers.

Please see our presentation to download: Mystery Shopping Fieldwork


Service Check

Implementing the service check, trained observers are used to act as "normal" customers to monitor the processes and procedures used in the delivery of a service.

Store Check

Applying the store check the point of sale is evaluated with a focus on "hard" criteria.

Promotion Check

The promotion check allows you to evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of your promotion campaigns area-wide immediately after their launch. It enables you to take counter measures while the campaign is still running. This is a significant advantage compared to traditional promotion controlling tools that evaluate the success after a campaign is over.

Mystery Calling

Mystery Calling is the appropriate instrument to evaluate the capability and performance of call center agents. If real customers with an existing relationship (e.g. loyalty card) are needed, we can recruit them through our database.

High quality is important to us throughout the whole process of a mystery shopping project:


  • Mystery shoppers have to elaborate their motivation upon registration (60% fail at this step).
  • Mystery shoppers have to fill out a complex profile after registration.
  • All data provided is cross checked and updated frequently.
  • Mystery shoppers are evaluated after each project.


  • Questionnaires are pre-tested by experienced project managers and mystery shoppers.
  • All mystery research projects are designed and conducted with a substantial focus on reliability, validity and representativeness.
  • Mystery shoppers receive a detailed briefing for every project.
  • Additionally mystery shoppers are trained personally or by phone.


  • Results are checked for plausibility by two project managers.
  • Data can be delivered in all known formats.
  • Results can be delivered in a detailed chart report with in-depth analysis.


We deliver your mystery shopping results in a detailed chart report. Thus, you can easily deduce necessary measures. Furthermore, you can easily integrate the charts into your management presentations. See some examples below. We are able to delive a chart report in your individual corporate design.


A detailed Chart Report is beneficial.

  • You will receive meaningful charts instead of pure data that is hard to be interpreted.
  • You can easily integrate the charts into your management presentations.
  • Necessary measurements and actions can be derived easily.
  • You can work with the results without problems.

Fieldwork Services

You are looking for fieldwork services for your market research project in Germany, Austria or Switzerland? We can support you with a high quality field of face-to-face interviewers, mystery shoppers, product testers and participants for qualitative and quantitative studies.

Fieldwork Services

CATI interviewing • International Project Management • Online Interviewing • Web and CATI Programming • Survey Hosting • Qualitative & Quantitative In-Office or In-Studio Interviewing • Focus Group Recruiting, Hosting and Moderation • Tele-depths • Recruitment • Local Market Advice • Desk Research • Translations • Transcriptions • Content Analysis • Data Processing • Mystery Shopping • In-home Product Testing • CAWI • Personal On-street Interviewing • Product Retrieval • Product Procurement

Fieldwork Personnel

As a fieldwork service provider we have a wide range of people registered with us. Through our database we can recruit field staff from various areas:
  • Mystery shoppers / store checkers
  • Face-to-face interviewers
  • Participants for quantitative market research studies
  • Participants for qualitative market research studies
  • Product testers
  • CATI Interviewers

Project Examples

With our international fieldwork services database you can realize numerous different projects. Here are some examples:
  • Mystery Shopping Project

    You are searching for mystery shoppers to conduct your mystery shopping project parallel in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
  • Mystery shoppers with specific attributes

    You are looking for mystery shoppers with a specific consumer behavior or specific demografic attributes? Through our database you can recruit them easily.
  • Mystery shopping with existing customers

    You are looking for mystery shoppers who are actually customers of your company. Our registered members provide information about loyalty cards and existing relationships to companies. Using them to test your service might be interesting when you intend to check an existing customer relationship instead of gaining new customers.
  • Cooperations with your retail partner

    You want to make sure that sales cooperations with your retail partners are successful. Thereby you want to ensure that the cost-value ratio is justified. With mystery shoppers we can document strengths and weaknesses of the implementation quality of your campaigns.
  • Quality of promotional teams

    You frequently hire promotional teams or are a promotional agency and want to check if your staff is working according to your guidelines. We can send mystery shopper to your points of promotion to assure that the intended quality is achieved by the promotional staff. This is a big advantage compared to traditional promotion controlling tools that reveal failures after the campaign is over. With mystery shoppers you can document the quality while the campaign is still running and take counter measures if necessary.
  • Photo documentation of your promotional campaign

    You are a promotion or advertising agency and want to document your campaign for your client for a good impression of your work. You can't travel to the outlets and need local people to document your campaign with photos that are send to you quickly after the campaign started.
  • Quantitative market research

    For your field research project you need consumers with specific attributes. Through our database you can find these persons, contact them and send them your questionnaire or link to your online poll.
  • Qualitative market research

    You quickly need persons with specific attributes for your research project. We will find them for you!
  • Interviewer

    For your fieldwork project you need interviewers in Germany, Austria or Switzerland. Through our database you can recruit them quick and easy.
  • Customer survey at the point of sale

    You want to conduct a customer survey at various points of sale in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. We can support you by sending out our interviewers and will return data or a chart report with all quantitative data.
  • Real estate photos

    You are in the real estate industry and need pictures of a specific building but don't want to travel to the location. We can send out an amateur photographer who is living close to the location and return the pictures online so that you can get a first impression quickly.
  • Product tests

    Before launching your new product you want it to be checked by consumers from a specific target group or by people from different countries. We can support you with our international field of product testers.
  • Product Retrieval / Product Procurement

    You want to get hold of specific products (your own or competitor's) on a regular or ad-hoc basis. With our field force we can support you with collecting and shipping products to your desired destination. We can also take digital pictures.

Quantitative Research

We are offering various methods to support quantitative research projects in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. We can collect data of B2C or B2B target groups in all common ways.


With our face-to-face interviewers we conduct personal interviews all over Germany, Austia and Switzerland.


Using our call center we can conduct telephone interviews according to your needs and demands.


With our own online access panel we can conduct your online research.


We can support you with traditional paper questionnaires: Translation, logistics, analysis

Mystery Shopping

We continuously perform mystery shopping surveys on a national and international basis in various industries. We are offering support with various quantitative research services.

Quantitative Research Services

  • Customer surveys
  • Consumer surveys
  • Attitude surveys
  • Market studies
  • Passersby interviews
  • Public statistical data
  • Point of sale interviews
  • Desk research

Qualitative Research

What can we offer to you?

We are offering the whole range of studio testing: We recruit participants, we conduct interviews, moderate discussions and take care of participating clients. Our experienced staff is working according to your wants and needs.

We are offering a high degree of flexibility. You will be supported by trained and motivated interviewers and contactors. Our moderators allow a methodological correct and high quality execution of your group discussion or in-depth interview.

Our main studio is located in the center of Hamburg and we have excellent studio partnerships all over Germany. We have an excellent database, which allows us to provide our clients with their target group.

We are offering one-on-one interview places as well as modern rooms for group discussions. All rooms can be decorated according to your needs. All rooms have one-way mirrors and allow audio and video surveillance.

What qualitative research studies can we implement?

  • Concept tests
  • Price acceptance tests
  • Advertisement testing
  • Degustation tests
  • Audio tests
  • Sniff tests
  • Image tests
  • Product design test
  • Brand and name tests

What methods are we using?

  • Group Discussions / Focus Groups

    You will receive moderation and analysis out of one single source. The whole project is conducted by experienced project leaders. They all have the adequate degree of curiosity for target groups and markets. Through empathy they are able to obtain valuable insights for our clients.
  • Explorative Interviews

    When conducting consumer interviews we reveal relevant views and attitudes, carefully distinguishing between what was said and what was meant.
  • In-Home Interviews

    Sometimes the studio is not the appropriate place to obtain information. Therefore we are successfully conducting in-home interviews with the target group.
  • Individual Solutions

    You would like to try something completely different. We are eager to discuss possibilities and limitations of innovative approaches with you.

We can offer you our comfortable market research studio in the center of Hamburg, Germany. We have three rooms for group discussion with one way mirrors. We are using our studio for our own studies and provide it to our clients and other market research companies. Ask us about our terms and conditions. We can support you with recruitment, hosting and analysis.

Studio Equipment

  • Wide range of media transfer technology:

    Flipcharts on wheels (with magnet boards, magnet tracks and board tracks for presentations), large-scale pin boards, beamer and screen, slide projector, notebooks, flat screen TV sets, DVD player, video recorder, tape deck and recorder, unlimited web access via network or wireless LAN, headsets for language selection
  • Three large adjacent monitoring rooms equipped with large, partly floor-to-ceiling mirror walls. When holding a creative workshop the monitoring rooms can be curtained off
  • Rooms for groups focussing on smokers
  • For small groups the rooms can be modified into lounges
  • For groups consisting of minors or kids the rooms can be designed and equipped suitably
  • Prestigious and large rooms for presenting heavy electric appliance (e.g. flat screen TV sets, fridges, kitchen ware)
  • Modern and fully equipped test kitchen for degustation studies
  • Deep-freeze cabinet and fridge for ample product shipment available
  • 15 notebooks to write the minutes, for WAPI / CAPI interviews, for presentations within a focus group and for direct input by test persons
  • Colour printer
  • Modern recording technology (HDD, DVD, audio or video technology)
  • Cameras with zoom - online participation possible
  • Technology for simultaneous interpreting
  • Wireless radio headsets for language selection
  • Recording technology for cell phone displays
  • Fully furnished in modern USM Haller design

About us

    • We have been engaged in market research since several years. Starting as a German mystery shopping agency and fieldwork services provider we have been accompanying clients from various industries with our know-how and an experienced field of mystery shoppers, interviewers and product testers.

    • Our registered mystery shoppers and product testers are real customers. Their power of observation derives from training without compromising their authentic attitude towards the observed services and products. Our interviewers are experienced and trained.

    • Besides pure demographic attributes our registered mystery shoppers and product testers specify their consumer behavior. Therefore they can be assigned consistent to the requirements of a specific mystery shopping or product testing project.

    • For market research companies or consulting firms without their own field of mystery shoppers, interviewers or product testers we are offering support throughout the whole process from recruiting to data delivery. Therefore these companies can offer their clients additional services without recruiting, building and managing their own field.

    • We are working objectively, customer-focussed, goal-oriented and effectively. Our work is based on reliability, trust, professionality and a high quality of assessment.

    • The main focuses of our mystery shopping, interviewing and product testing services are conception, data collection and data delivery in the form of meaningful and distinct reports that allow our clients to derive concrete actions to improve their services and products.

  • Discretion and maintaining confidentiality is very important to us: Therefore, all information we receive from our clients remains confidential.


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